Spatial Representation Of the QNV 2030

Respecting Qatari Identity

Supporting the Natural and Built Environments

Supporting the Economic Growth and Diversification

Establish a High Quality and Integrated Public Transport Network

Sustainability and Livability for the Communities




Director of Urban Planning Department

"QNMP management and its highly skilled and experienced work team have been developing a series of spatial development master plans and center plans with effective regulatory tools over the past years.

QNMP team has also been developing a number of high level planning polices and sectorial strategies in order to support the government agencies and private developers to address key challenges, such as delivering efficient and timely housing for different categories of population in the country, guiding developments through a comprehensive urban design principals and tools, real estate market assessments, climate change impacts, labor accommodation, land allocation etc. QNMP team is also in the process of finalizing the development of a comprehensive Planning Legislation for the first time in the state of Qatar. This legislation will serve as the key overarching head of power to regulate development assessment and master planning process in the country.

The entire journey relating to the development of new planning tools and systems from scratch has not been easy and faced numerous challenges, however, the QNMP team received tremendous support from its stakeholder partners, internal and external stakeholders to assist in the development of the planning tools. The new challenges now and in the years to come is the implementation of all the planning tools that have been completed and the ones that are in the final stages. A number of strategies and actions are currently being undertaken, e.g. training and capaci5ty building, forming working groups, offering continuous advisory services and staff rotation to name a few to implement the planning tools.

The QNMP management would like to thank its highly motivated staff members and all the stakeholders for all the hard work over the past few years and it looks forward to continue receiving similar cooperation and dedication in future……"