Spatial Representation Of the QNV 2030

Respecting Qatari Identity

Supporting the Natural and Built Environments

Supporting the Economic Growth and Diversification

Establish a High Quality and Integrated Public Transport Network

Sustainability and Livability for the Communities



Eng. Fahad Mohammed Al-Qahtani

Assistant Undersecretary for Urban Planning Affairs

The Qatar National Master Plans provides a structured framework for making spatial development decisions to guide the future sustainable urban planning development in the State of Qatar until (2032) This is accomplished through clear policy, policy actions, regulations and guidelines.

The Qatar National Development Framework is the centerpiece of the Qatar National Master Plan project. It forms an important part of our future planning, guided by the goals and aspirations of the Qatar National Vision (2030) . The Qatar National Development Framework will be supported by the detailed Municipal Spatial Development Plans and a range of Strategic and Sectorial Plans.

The Qatar National Master Plans achievements provide the principles, methodology and priorities that support and guide various Ministries, government agencies, private sector companies, investors and other users.

The actual implementation of the plan at various national, municipal and local levels is now in progress. We look forward to the continued communication and support from various parties, government agencies and the private sector in this important national initiative.