Spatial Representation Of the QNV 2030

Respecting Qatari Identity

Supporting the Natural and Built Environments

Supporting the Economic Growth and Diversification

Establish a High Quality and Integrated Public Transport Network

Sustainability and Livability for the Communities


The Qatar National Master Plan (QNMP) is the spatial representation of the Qatar National Vision 2030. It provides comprehensive spatial planning for the State of Qatar at the national, Municipal and local levels. It ensures the full integration of all planning efforts along with their effective implementation.


“Create a Role Model for Sustainable Urban Living and the most Livable Towns and Cities in the 21st Century ”


• Quality of live of all

• Economic Growth and Diversification

• Enviromental values

• Connectivity of people and placeces

• Identity

• Ownership in planning and Implementation

The Qatar National Master Plan (QNMP) consists of

  • The Qatar National Development Framework (QNDF) which sets the strategic direction and policies to guide the future spatial growth of the country.

  • Detailed plans for the Municipalities and local areas within Municipalities which prepared under the umbrella of the QNDF.