"Al-Daayen" Municipality launched the (Be Civilized) campaign

"Al-Daayen" Municipality launched the (Be Civilized) campaign to raise

awareness among different segments of society on the cultural behavior,  elimination of the negative aspects,  in the context of maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of various areas of the municipality, in line with the belief in the significance of contributing to the cultural advancement of the country.

The campaign, organized by the Public Awareness  team, consists of three phases, the first of which  focused on the workers  population attending Ramadan breakfast tents,  located within the administrative borders of the municipality during the month of Ramadan, and a second phase to educate the general public through social networking sites during the month of August, and the third phase includes  participation of voluntary school students in the cleanliness and beautification programs,  within "Al-Daayen"  Municipality areas, during next October.

The campaign entitled (Be Civilized)  comes as part of the awareness campaign (We all See You).


News Date :8/07/2015